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3 Simple Ways Children Can Support Their Aging Parents

Getting older is a natural part of life, and seniors have a lot to look forward to in the later stages of life. Retirement, grandkids, and more free time are all things to look forward to as we age. However, aging certainly comes along with unique challenges.

As seniors age, they may require more support, even if they don’t ask for it. Here are three ways children can support their aging parents. 

1. Empower Parents

A common side effect of aging is losing independence. When mobility or health issues come into play, seniors may be unable to do as many things. But children can empower older parents and help them maintain their independence. 

For example, you can invest in technology that helps them do difficult activities or teach them how to arrange transportation when they can no longer drive. 

Empowering them can be as simple as letting them decide what they need. Working to maintain your parent’s sense of independence is one of the most effective ways to support them as they age.

2. Practice Active Listening

As parents get older, they may experience challenges that they need help with. However, communicating these needs isn’t always easy. Practice active listening to pick up on what your parents say and what is left unsaid. 

Ask them to clarify when you don’t understand something, and don’t shut them down if you feel they are asking for something unreasonable. Always keep lines of communication open. It can go a long way toward preventing conflict and will make your parents feel heard and valued.

3. Set Up Processes

Empowering your parents to maintain their independence is great, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have processes in place to help them. Set up regular transportation so they can get to their weekly events or appointments. Invest in motion detection or fall detection technology to ensure they are staying safe. 

Schedule daily or weekly visits so that your parents don’t become lonely. You can also consider assisted living in Florida if you can no longer maintain a safe and healthy environment for them.

Consider Assisted Living in Florida

Assisted living is a great option for many seniors. Florida assisted living facilities are known for their wonderful amenities, holistic wellness programs, and sense of community. Whether your parent needs a little extra support or around-the-clock care, assisted living can meet their needs.

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