Florida Presbyterian Homes is now Westminster Lakeland!

We are pleased to announce that Florida Presbyterian Homes has joined the family of Westminster Communities of Florida, a fiscally strong, financially sound organization that is Florida’s largest not-for-profit provider of senior living. Learn all about the Westminster family and Westminster Lakeland today!


Make Father’s Day Special From Far Away

Father’s Day is a special day of the year, and it can be especially hard when you’re not able to be with your dad to celebrate. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show him how much you care from afar! We’ve put together some great Father’s Day gift ideas that will make your dad feel special, no matter how far away you are. Whether it’s a subscription for his favorite thing, a gift that pays it forward or a way to help him learn something new, there’s something for every dad.

What better way to show your dad you’re thinking of him than with a gift that keeps on giving? There are plenty of subscription services that have something to offer dad, no matter what his interests or hobbies may be. Does he have a well-maintained beard or mustache? Sign him up for the Dollar Shave Club offering a variety of razors, blades, and shaving cream available each month. Or maybe your dad is a self-proclaimed handyman. Send him tools and gadgets each month with The Handy Box providing everything from hammers and screwdrivers to saw blades and drill bits – all delivered right to his doorstep every month. Whatever gift you choose for Father’s Day this year, make sure it’s tailored just for him.

Does your dad always have his nose in a book? Peruse the bestsellers list and curate a list of books you think he may enjoy. Consider pairing your recommendations with an Audible or Amazon gift card so he can choose what to read or listen to based on your suggestions. This will show effort and thought on your part, as well as give you two something to discuss in the future. If your Dad doesn’t spend his time reading books, but rather newspapers or magazines, look into a subscription to his favorite publications. Newspapers like The Washington Post or The New York Times are excellent options for any news enthusiast. No matter what type of reader your Dad is, there are plenty of options for reading material available.

Show your love for dad and pay it forward by volunteering or donating to his favorite charity in his name. Find an organization that’s close to his heart like supporting wounded warriors and veterans, or donating to cancer research. Alternatively, if you know of any local charities near Dad’s home that he may be passionate about, consider making a donation in his name or offering your time by volunteering with them for the day. This will show him that you went above and beyond for him even though you can’t be there physically on Father’s Day. Plus, it will make both of you feel great knowing that something good came out of the special day!

If Dad loves playing golf, you can help him improve his game even from afar. Consider an indoor putting mat so he can practice his swing and putt without leaving home. Gifting custom coaching videos from Jonathan Yarwoods is another way to upgrade Dad’s golf game. From analyzing Dad’s swing to providing tips on how he can make improvements, these personalized videos will give Dad the confidence he needs to become a better golfer. If he’d rather watch sports than play them himself, get him a subscription to ESPN+ so that he can enjoy games, documentaries and exclusive clips right from the couch. With access to hundreds of live sports events as well as original, this subscription is sure to keep Dad entertained.

Fathers are always looking for new ways to learn and grow. An annual MasterClass subscription or access to LinkedIn Learning classes can provide Dad with new skills and interests. MasterClass offers exclusive online classes taught by some of the most renowned experts in their respective fields. From cooking with Gordon Ramsay, acting with Samuel L. Jackson, photography with Annie Leibovitz or even tennis instruction from Serena Williams, there’s something for every kind of father out there. LinkedIn Learning classes are another great option, offering an array of courses covering a wide range of topics such as business, technology and creative arts. Whether Dad is interested in brushing up on his Excel skills or mastering Adobe Photoshop, these courses will help him stay ahead of the curve in today’s ever-changing world. With an annual subscription or access pass to either platform, dad will be sure to find something new that peaks his interest while staying connected with you from afar this Father’s Day!

No matter how far away you may live from your Dad, there are plenty of ways to make sure he feels special this Father’s Day. From subscription services to charitable donations, classes and fresh reading material, there is something for every kind of Dad out there. Show him how much you care with a personal and meaningful gift this Father’s Day, no matter where you are.

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