Florida Presbyterian Homes is now Westminster Lakeland!

We are pleased to announce that Florida Presbyterian Homes has joined the family of Westminster Communities of Florida, a fiscally strong, financially sound organization that is Florida’s largest not-for-profit provider of senior living. Learn all about the Westminster family and Westminster Lakeland today!


Why Choose Florida? The Advantages of Retiring in the Sunshine State

Have you ever seen a Florida sunset just melting into the ocean, lighting up the sky in hues of gold and purple? Or maybe you’ve strolled around the lively cultural festivals, soaked up the art scenes, or just enjoyed the laid-back, flip-flop lifestyle that Florida embraces. It’s a little piece of paradise that makes every day feel like a vacation. But for seniors, Florida has got an extra sprinkle of magic. It’s not just about the sun-kissed beaches or the palm trees swaying in the breeze. The Sunshine State delivers real, practical benefits that can turn retirement into a grand new adventure. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive into why Florida, especially within a retirement haven like Westminster Communities, is the perfect spot to put your feet up and relish your golden years.

Weather and Natural Beauty

Think about this – how amazing would it be to wake up to sun-drenched days almost 365 days a year? That’s Florida for you. We live in one of those rare spots where you can hit the golf course, take a boat ride, or just wander along the beach nearly every single day. And let’s not forget about the lush green parks, teeming with all sorts of amazing critters, and those jaw-dropping sunsets that look like someone painted the sky. This isn’t your average beauty – it’s a bit of everyday magic that just adds an extra sparkle to life here.

Financial Advantages

Did you know Florida’s got your back when it comes to taxes? Seriously, no state income tax, no estate tax, and no inheritance tax. This means you get to keep more of your hard-earned retirement dough in your pocket. And when you’re living somewhere like Westminster, where all your care needs are rolled into one steady price, managing the budget gets a whole lot easier. It’s a win-win for all of us in our golden years.

Quality Healthcare

Guess what else is great about Florida? We’ve got some of the best healthcare around, and that’s a big deal when you’re looking for a place to retire. Plenty of places here focus specifically on our needs as we age, making sure we get the top-tier care we need, tailored just for us.

And if you’re kicking back at Westminster, you’re all set. We have a whole spectrum of care covered, from residents who just need a little help now and then to those who need more specialized professional nursing care. The best part? Even if your health needs change, you’re close at hand to the care you need. You get to stay right there, in your own community, with the same friendly faces and caring staff you’ve come to know and trust.

Rich Cultural and Recreational Opportunities

Retiring in Florida is anything but boring. This state is bursting at the seams with fun stuff to do. Fancy checking out some local art or getting your groove on at a concert? No problem – Florida’s got you covered. There’s always some fun event or happening in town.

And if you’re hanging your hat at Westminster, you’ll have an all-access pass to all the action. Our community allows access to everything from day trips to local hotspots, big social calendars, and even art classes if you’re feeling a bit creative. Life here isn’t just about taking it easy – it’s about staying busy, keeping your mind sharp, and most importantly, having a whole lot of fun.

Active and Connected Community

Being part of a community isn’t just about having people to wave good morning to. It plays a huge role in keeping our spirits high and minds sharp during our golden years. And in Florida? We’ve got this covered. With so many seniors choosing the Sunshine State, you’ll find plenty of folks who are right there with you.

At Westminster, we strive to create an environment where everyone is looking out for each other. That’s what we call real community living!

Choosing Florida for your retirement isn’t just about trading snow shovels for beach umbrellas. It’s about diving headfirst into a lifestyle that’s buzzing with activity, full of laughter, and rewarding in so many ways. And with top-tier healthcare around the corner and some sweet financial perks, it’s an easy decision.

Westminster Communities isn’t just a place to live, but a place to thrive, to discover new hobbies, and to make lifelong friends. It’s the kind of place where seniors aren’t just getting by, they’re living it up. No surprise then, that the Sunshine State is becoming the top pick for folks to spend their golden years. And at Westminster, we’re making sure that choice is one of the best you’ve ever made.

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