Florida Presbyterian Homes is now Westminster Lakeland!

We are pleased to announce that Florida Presbyterian Homes has joined the family of Westminster Communities of Florida, a fiscally strong, financially sound organization that is Florida’s largest not-for-profit provider of senior living. Learn all about the Westminster family and Westminster Lakeland today!


We’re “Going Green” with New Reusable Containers for In-Home Dining Delivery

Going Green with New Reusable Containers for In-Home Dining Delivery

Each year in April, when Earth Day rolls around, we think of the impact we have on our environment and how we can reduce, reuse or recycle. That’s part of Westminster Communities of Florida’s “Going Green” program, encouraging our communities to be more eco-friendly all the time.

Starting this week, we’re pleased to announce that our new in-home dining program will be switching to reusable, washable containers. Residents at our communities will continue to receive their dining deliveries of refrigerated, reheatable, nutritious meals. These new containers will be returned to us and cleaned for reuse.

“Going from the disposable containers to reusable was a clear win for us,” said Mario DeLuca, Director of Resident Experience. “It’s just another way we’re looking to be greener.”

Residents have responded enthusiastically, according to Cary Letsche, a resident at Westminster Point Pleasant in Bradenton. “The to-go meals are easily heated in a microwave for a delicious hot lunch or dinner, and the washed containers are returned the next day to be rewashed and sanitized for the next use,” said Letsche. “What could have been a difficult period for our residents has been made much more enjoyable through the efforts of our Dining Services team.”

The containers are being purchased for the residents of Westminster Communities of Florida by our in-house pharmacy, Westminster Pharmacy Services, for all residents to enjoy. Dominick DeSarro, Vice President of Pharmacy Services, said that supplying the containers is one way the pharmacy can support residents in our communities. “We are pleased to provide residents with these new reusable containers, as a gesture of our love and care for them,” said DeSarro.

We rolled out the in-home dining program on March 20, and great reviews have been coming in from residents ever since. We’re offering a special menu comprised of entrées that will chill and reheat well, from some of the favorite dishes off our regular seasonal menu. For each meal, residents receive an entrée, a vegetable side, a starch side, a salad and a dessert. This special program helps minimize the risk to residents by bringing delicious and nutritious meals to them in their own home, and respects social distancing, as ordered by the state of Florida.

To learn more about how living at a Westminster community can provide assurance at this time, contact us today.

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