Florida Presbyterian Homes is now Westminster Lakeland!

We are pleased to announce that Florida Presbyterian Homes has joined the family of Westminster Communities of Florida, a fiscally strong, financially sound organization that is Florida’s largest not-for-profit provider of senior living. Learn all about the Westminster family and Westminster Lakeland today!


Easing the Transition to Florida Assisted Living

Deciding to take the next step into Florida assisted living can be intimidating. There are so many emotions involved that some families often prolong the decision. Westminster Communities of Florida is here to help you during this difficult time and make the transition easier for you and your loved one.

Our team at Westminster Communities of Florida put together a list of tips to help you with the big move.

  1. Personalize their Surroundings
    • It is important to bring their favorite items from their current place of residence into their Florida assisted living apartment. This way the changes are not so apparent when they look around. Seeing their key mementos, family photos, and decor will help them feel at home.
  2. Floorplans
    • Try to find a floor plan that works best for their regular routines. If they like watching TV from their bed instead of a couch, find a layout for their furniture that allows them to do so. This will help them keep a routine and not be overwhelmed by unnecessary changes.
  3. Plants and Flowers
    • If their new room is feeling a little boring, try adding in some houseplants or flowers to brighten it up. There are a variety of subscription boxes like Bloomsy Box that allows you to auto-schedule a monthly delivery of fresh flowers to their door.
  4. Dietary Preferences & Needs
    • Here at Westminster Communities of Florida, we want to make sure that your loved one is getting the proper meals for their dietary needs. If you have questions about meal options, give us a call.
  5. Meet the Family
    • After moving into your new Florida assisted living apartment, it is important to get to know the staff and onsite team that will be assisting with laundry, housekeeping, bathing, medication, and more. Getting to know them and talking to them about any concerns and preferences can help make the transition simpler for your loved one.
  6. Music
    • This may seem like an easy thing to do, but it could make a big difference. If they have a favorite album or singer, set up a device that will allow them to effortless turn it on and listen to it. Music can have a big impact on mood and memories.
  7. Have a Plan
    • Talk to your loved ones about how often you plan on visiting them so they are not constantly wondering when they will see you next. Also, do not forget to check with Florida assisted living community to see their visitation guidelines.
  8. Get them Involved
    1. Walk around Westminster Communities of Florida with them and show them the activity calendar, dining hall, and other common spaces. Take a look at our previous blog on why this is essential for your loved one.
  9. Someone they Know
    1. If they already have a caregiver that they are comfortable with. You can have them hang out with your loved one for the first few days, so they feel less alone and have assistance getting to know their new home. This person can also help them join new groups and start making friends.

We know as a family member and/or caregiver, that even starting the senior care topic with your loved one can be tough and fill you with guilt. We want you to know that you have no need to feel guilty. Often, after they adjust to the new Florida assisted living community, they end up making more friends which helps them socialize and improves their overall wellbeing. Check out some of our residents that are happy they made the decision to move into a Florida assisted living apartment. Westminster Communities of Florida is here to help you with this process and do everything we can to make it seamless for you and your family.

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