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Starting Your Own Garden: The Mental and Physical Health Benefits for Seniors

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Spring has sprung – and you may be thinking about how you can spend more time in the garden, enjoying the great outdoors. Besides making our world more beautiful, did you know that gardening can make you healthier?

It’s true! Read more to learn all about how you can start your own garden in Florida, whether you live in St. Petersburg or Tallahassee, and how it can make you healthier as well as happier.

The mental health benefits of gardening

Gardening can provide older adults with a variety of mental health benefits. For example, a flourishing garden can offer a sense of accomplishment and purpose. It give seniors an opportunity to express their creativity and can help them stay in touch with the natural world. Seniors who don’t want to tackle their own home gardens can start by joining a community garden, where there is a sense of community and gardeners can enjoy chatting with each other and sharing knowledge of the natural world.

Gardening is also an incredibly therapeutic activity. Not only does it help reduce stress levels and improve physical activity, but it also has been linked to improved mental well-being and cognition. Studies have shown that gardening can reduce symptoms of depression, help manage stress, and improve overall mental health in seniors.

Creating a garden in your backyard or joining a community garden is a great way to stay active and engaged. Plus, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor with the fresh produce or beautiful flowers you will be able to harvest!

How gardening can help your physical health

Gardening can help improve strength and balance, which can certainly be diminished due to aging. Additionally, gardening is a low-impact form of aerobic exercise, which is beneficial for those with joint or muscle pain. Regular exercise can help to prevent or delay the onset of certain diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

The activity of gardening allows seniors to be outdoors and enjoy the natural environment. With the right precautions and assistance when needed, gardening can be a safe and rewarding activity for seniors. They should be sure to wear safe and comfortable clothes, and that they’re going to be working outside for a long time, they should have a way to contact someone if they need assistance. 

Plants to try adding to your garden in summer in Florida

The spring and summer months in Florida bring an abundance of blooms, so it’s a great time to add some new plants to your garden. A few of the best options include hibiscus, canna lilies, and angel’s trumpet. Hibiscus is a tropical flower that produces large, colorful blooms and is ideal for adding vibrant color to any garden space. Canna lilies are also a great addition, as they produce long-lasting flowers in a variety of bright hues. Angel’s trumpet is a shrub with trumpet-shaped blooms that come in shades of white, pink, and yellow. All of these plants will add a bright and cheerful touch to any garden.

Gardening can be a great way to stay active, interact with others, and reduce stress, making it an excellent activity for seniors.

A Westminster community can be a home for your garden

Did you know that many Westminster Life Plan Communities have a resident garden? These intimate spaces allow residents a place to enjoy the great outdoors, whether they garden or just appreciate beautiful natural life. Some gardens, like at Westminster Suncoast in St. Petersburg, are so bountiful that they even supply fresh herbs and vegetables for the Dining Services team to enjoy with dinner!

You can find the Westminster community that is perfect for you or a senior family member or friend today. Learn more with our community locator!

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