Florida Presbyterian Homes is now Westminster Lakeland!

We are pleased to announce that Florida Presbyterian Homes has joined the family of Westminster Communities of Florida, a fiscally strong, financially sound organization that is Florida’s largest not-for-profit provider of senior living. Learn all about the Westminster family and Westminster Lakeland today!


How Seniors Can Celebrate Global Running Day

Today is Global Running Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the sport of running. For seniors, running can be an incredibly beneficial way to stay healthy and improve their overall well-being. At Westminster Communities of Florida, we understand the importance of physical health, which is why it’s part of our eight-dimension program for well-being of mind, body and spirit.

Running offers a variety of health benefits that are especially important for seniors. For starters, running is a great way to get physical exercise that can help improve balance, coordination and strength. All of these are vital for seniors, as they can help reduce the risk for falls and other injuries, and can even help seniors move more independently.

Another benefit of running is improved mental health and emotional well-being. Going for a run can be an incredibly freeing and therapeutic experience, and can help seniors stay connected to their local community. It can also reduce stress and anxiety, and provide a sense of purpose.

Finally, running can help improve cardiovascular health, which can reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels and help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Running can also help seniors stay active and maintain a healthy weight.

We hope that everyone will celebrate Global Running Day and take advantage of the many benefits that running has to offer. At Westminster Communities of Florida, we’re dedicated to helping our residents and team members stay active and healthy. Our MyWLife wellbeing program offers a wide variety of activities to enhance your well-being, including running. If you’d like to learn more about our MyWLife wellbeing program, the exciting lifestyle we offer, and the benefits of choosing a Life Plan Community, find the Westminster community nearest you today!

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